SnowGlobed 2020: A Holiday Inspired Bake Off!

Based off of Paula Vogel’s Bake Offs, SnowGlobed’s Holiday Inspired Bake Off is taking place in lieu of our annual in person SnowGlobed: an Evening of Holiday Inspired Scenes & Spectacles, that for the last 9 years has presented holiday inspired new works with over 150 artists from the PNW and beyond.

This year, we will be choosing 5 plays to workshop and to be performed, hopefully in person in December 2021. Those selected will be paid a stipend for their work, dependent on the performance schedule.


  1. Write a 10 minute holiday inspired play [ 7-10 pages]
    • Holiday Inspired = Winter Holiday Season… Whatever that means to you!
  2. Include the additional four ingredients
    • A Broken Promise
    • A Supernatural Phenomena
    • Food that is consumed
    • A Button
    • Extra Credit [if you want/can!]: A Moment of Dance
  3. Email your play by 11:11pm PST on January 1, 2021 to
    • Format: PDF preferred, please include page numbers, a title page, and a character breakdown
    • Please include your website & social media handles, we’d love to support you! If you do not wish to be tagged, just let us know.
    • By submitting your play you give SnowGlobed & Rachel Delmar first producing rights. If your play is not one of the 5 chosen, that right is relinquished.
  4. If you have any questions please email and follow @racheldelmar on Instagram & Twitter for updates and fun SnowGlobed tidbits & holiday cheer!

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