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In a time such as this we need gathering places like the theatre more than ever.

You are not alone.

Theatre is my home. It is my home Monday-Sunday. It is how I pay my bills. It is where I spend time with my friends. It is where I spend time with strangers. [Sometimes turned friends.] It is where I build blanket forts and tell stories with flashlights hanging from grids.

You are not alone.

Theatre is my home. Where I go when I am happy, when I am sad, when I need to hear others laugh, when I don’t want to drink alone because I know I’ll find you there [whoever you are, new friend or old.], to escape, to be present, to be.

You are not alone.

Theatre is my home. Where I go to experience stories. To see your story told. To see my story. To see those whose story I never knew existed and am better now for having spent 75 minutes [or 160] learning more about the world and the people with whom I coexist. Their struggles, their successes, their dreams [ours?], that we are the same but different. Different but the same. And sometimes just different. I want to know all of the stories.

You are not alone.

Theatre is community. Momentary and forever. It has always been and will always be. We watch plays 3,000 years old and are connected to those today that existed once and are left only in the DNA of memory. We watch new plays and are connected to today and the melding of moments that brought us all into the same room to experience a story crafted by a cohabitant of our earth. Every moment of time, every choice we each had to make, our parents made, our ancestors, to land us in a theatrical space together to watch a story unfold before us. Together. A gathering of a community that will never replicate exactly like this one. But has happened over and over for always – we, an infinite variation on a theme.

You are not alone.

Theatre is ephemeral. And it isn’t. It may never happen again just like this but it may happen over & over again in someone’s head. They may tell another. Their story of seeing the chandelier crash. The poison drunk. The children sacrificed. The heart broken. The nanny flying away. The gun shot. An outcast defying gravity. Finding the bird of paradise. They may not. I make theatre because of moments I have seen I’ll never forget. That changed me. Taught me. And I know it changes lives. [Because it changed mine.]

You are not alone.

I have written many words. For me. Because it is how I process. But it is also for you. Because you are not alone. I am only one but I am with you. And if you need a place to go, I am offering my home. Theatre is my home and theatre is abundant in Seattle and it *welcomes you. Below I’m going to list [to my knowledge and ability] every place you can go the next few days and find a community & home. IF that is what you are seeking. This may not be your answer and I whatever it may be, I am still with you. You are not alone.

*Yes, theatre often costs money, if cost is an issue please reach out to me personally at and I can see what I can do. Because theatre is made for you and you get to go.

YOU are NOT alone.

Currently Running:

Theatre22’s The Pride

The Habit: The Final Cut at The Bathhouse Theater

Annex Theatre’s The Lost Girls

Annex Theatre’s Unexpected Wilderness

New Century Theatre Company’s The Big Meal

White Rabbit Red Rabbit at 18th & Union

BIG BAD at Ghostlight Theatricals

Second Story Rep’s Rocky Horror Picture Show

Opening this Weekend:

Village Theatre’s Singin’ in the Rain

Closing this Weekend:

Seattle Shakespeare Company’s MEDEA

Seattle Rep’s Roz & Ray

Bellevue Youth Theatre’s Bye Bye Birdie 

Seattle Opera’s As One: a Transgender Story

This Weekend Only:

Yurei: The Lost Chapter of Hotel Nordo

Lottery Drawing Party for Seattle Fringe at Solo Bar

SPT Youth’s Evidently the Evidence is Evident

Improv/Comedy/Theatrical Experiences Always Available at:

Unexpected Productions, Jet City Improv, Pocket Theater, Slate Theater,

Medea Opens October 21st…


October 18-November 13, 2016

Medea by Euripides

Directed by Kelly Kitchens

[Assistant Directed by ME!]

Experience the Betrayal Here.


The Siblings Grimm is Here!


Spending another summer traveling the Puget Sound area with the 14/48 Project’s park show! Hope you can make it out to see THE SIBLINGS GRIMM!

Check out the full schedule HERE.

I SEE a Lot of #SEAthtr

#SEAthtr go see a play twitter cover

I see a lot of theatre in Seattle [and occasionally other places]. I see a lot of live performances within a variety of genres. And I have begun to record them – and my thoughts on them – on my Instagram.

[The goal is 100 performances by the end of 2016.]

SEE what I think YOU should SEE in SEAttle.





The Next Generation


I have the honor of directing for ACT Theatre’s Young Playwright Program again this year. ACT sends out teaching artists to Seattle & its surrounding areas to teach playwrighting through out a semester. From their classes, each teacher picks one play that gets the opportunity to be workshopped by professional artists and presented in a staged reading.

This year I’ve gotten to work with a young lady playwright on her play, The Marvelous Jerico, with a very talented group of actors. She is only 12 but there is nothing only about her. She knows what she’s doing and how she wants to put her words out in the world. I can’t wait to be a part of the talk backs with her.

Join us!

March 11th at 7:30pm. March 12th at 1pm.

Tickets –> HERE! 

Seattle Vice has Returned!


Seattle Vice is back for 7 more performances & so is Sherrie! Get your tickets NOW before they sell out –> HERE.

Come dance with me…