The weekend’s theatre highlight featured Rachel Delmar’s riotous performance as an out-there Idahoan air traveler with a Midwestern accent who harbored secret vampire-slaying powers (in Pilar O’Connell’s Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, directed by Mark Jared Zufelt).” – | May 2019

“It’s a work out and an artistic outlet for me. And it’s something where there is always a place to get better, there’s always more to learn. For me, the workout has been incredible. I have a strong belief, as I’m sure many women and men do, that we are taught a very specific look of what is beautiful, and I love the idea of being (and only recently, honestly it has been a part of my self-growth) of being strong not skinny. The importance of that, that is something that I want showcased in my art, in my life, and in the way that I teach.” – SANCA Student Spotlight – May 2018

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