Teaching Art When Schools Can’t

Schools budgets are being cut everywhere. Unfortunately the first programs we see getting cut from schools are the arts, especially in the elementary & middle schools. It is disappointing but it also provides the opportunity for professional artists around the country to step up and find ways to keep arts education available. The arts education I received as a child made me who I am today. I am committed to providing arts opportunities to children for the rest of my life.

This Fall, besides continuing my work at the Bellevue Youth Theatre, I am very happy & excited to announce I was hired by the Stone Soup Theatre as a Teaching Artist. I will be teaching after school classes for grades K-2 in several Seattle schools starting this September!

I truly believe as artists we must see the serial execution of arts programming in public schools as an opportunity – to create classes, workshops, find grants, coach and teach on our own & through our own companies. As a national theatre community we must rally together to provide these chances for kids. They are our next generation of artists & patrons and we have an obligation as professionals to teach them what amazing experiences await them in the arts.

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