Rachel Delmar

Hair: Brown                Height: 5’7”

Eyes: Brown               Weight: 150 lbs


Spectacle’d [in development] | Maggie Lee

Jenn | The Siblings Grimm | The 14/48 Projects Park Show

Seattle Vice | Sherrie | Triple Door

Zig Zag Festival | Evie & Mary | Annex Theatre

JOURNEY OF THE BELL | Ida | 14/48 Projects

COME & GO | Flo | West of Lenin/Seattle Beckett Festival

AROUND THE WORLD IN 8 STORIES | Lucia | 14/48 Projects

SEATTLE VICE | Sherrie | ACT Theatre

PINOCCHIO  | Lucia | Balagan Theatre

THE LAST NUTCRACKER | Penny | PIP @ Annex Theatre

OWL & THE PUSSYCAT | Pig | theater simple @ Seattle Fringe Festival

RESIDUE| Cindy |XX Festival ’12 – Stone Soup Theatre| Karen Gath McClain

*CHAMBER MUSIC|Woman with a Gavel | Karen Gath McClain

BICYCLE |Gunther|Playing in Progress | Karen Gath McClain


WONDERLAND |White Rabbit/Flower/Club|theater simple | Llysa Holland

*LAND OF CORN AND POWER | Angela|ACT – Seattle | Arlene Martinez

MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DRAM|Quince|Bellevue Youth Theatre

ADAM & EVE |Ekans| NTI | Nick Colia


9X9X9  |Lenore| Flower Shop Project | Brenna Jones


JUNGLE BOOK|Wolf Dancer|Bellevue Youth Theatre



STAGE DOOR |Terry Randall |International Drama | Kate Swenson

LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS |Crystal|International Drama

MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM|Helena |Bellevue Youth Theatre

IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE |Violet |Bellevue Youth Theatre

A CHRISTMAS CAROL|Belle, Vocal Soloist|Bellevue Youth Theatre

MIRACLE ON 34TH ST |Doris Walker |Bellevue Youth Theatre

*Denotes a Staged Reading


THE MARRYING KIND | Jeanie | Stefan Hajek

AGENT 5 |Supporting| Carter Johnson


GOINT OUT WITH A BANG|Lead |Patrick Levad

LESS IS MORE| Supporting|Nick Nielsen

THE BOWL | Supporting |Andy Gill

BUNKER ** |Lead|Kim Voynar

DROP OFF| Lead |Harold Hyde

THE PROJECTIONIST |Supporting|Christopher Jopp

100%  |Lead | Ned Hurley

GOD IS GOOD |Lead | Byron Knibb

LET THE GAME BEGIN  |Background Voice |Amit Gupta

6 SECONDS| Supporting | Zach Baumgartner

**Seattle International Film Festival, deadCenter Film Festival Official Selections


Foreign Language: Conversational French

Accents: French, Southern, New York, British

Sports: Skiing, Yoga, Lacrosse, Swimming, Basic Hockey, Rollerblading, Decent Quarterback

Voice:  Soprano/Belt, Musical Theatre, Country, Rock, Pop

Dance: Basic Ballet, Basic Lyrical, Basic Jazz, Beginning Tap

Other: Certified Bartender, Writing, Directing, Basic Piano, Barista, Works Extremely Well With Children, Valid Drivers License, Valid Passport


ActorsWork 3 Day Intensive, Steven Anderson [May, August, November 2012, February, May 2013]

Aerial, School of Acrobatics & New Circus Arts, Various Teachers

Voice, Nancy Bos

British Dialect Intensive, Ellen Taft 

The Grand Guignolers, Melodrama Workout, Debbie McMahon

Master Classes with Brian DennehyColeman DomingoChristine Lahti, Marni Nixon

National Theatre Institute, Contemporary Acting, Timothy Douglas

National Theatre Institute, Classical Acting, Corinna Mae

Actor’s Workout, Guthrie Theatre, Raye Birk

Theatre, BA, Emphasis in Acting, University of Southern California

Including – Acting, Directing, Playwriting, Voice, Dance, Dialects, Solo Performance, Performance for Camera, Commercials…Degree Completed May 2008

[Previously credited as Rachel Jenkins, Rachel A. Jenkins]



FOR CHRISTMAS | Nick Edwards | Playing in Progress

SNOWGLOBED | Various | Playing in Progress @ theater schmeater

SNOWGLOBED | Various | Playing in Progress @ West of Lenin

LITTLE PRINCE | Adapted by Rachel Delmar | BYT

CONCEPTION | Tracy Vicory-Rosenquest | PPC @ Annex Theatre

CLARA & THE NUTCRACKER | Adapted by Rachel Delmar | BYT

14/48 FESTIVAL – Outdoors Style | Various| One World Theatre/3Card Monty

ALICE IN WONDERLAND | Adapted by Rachel Delmar | Bellevue Youth Theatre

SMELL OF SNOW | Machelle Allman | XX Festival – Stone Soup Theatre

A CHRISTMAS CAROL |  Adapted by James McClain |Bellevue Youth Theatre

UPSTAIRS/DOWNSTAIRS | Ken Greller | Playing in Progress

AS YOU LIKE IT | Shakespeare in the Park | Bellevue Youth Theatre

PINOCCHIO | Adapted by Rachel Delmar | Bellevue Youth Theatre

WATER YOU LOOKIN’ AT | Ken Greller | O’Neill Theater Center NTI

HORIZONS | Danny Kessler | O’Neill Theater Center NTI

KILLING YOURSELF TO LIVE | Ken Greller | O’Neill Theater Center NTI

PHIL SPEKTOR IN HELL | O’Neill Theater Center NTI

MOTHERS & SONS | O’Neill Theater Center NTI

JUNGLE BOOK | Adapted by James McClain | Bellevue Youth Theatre

ACTS OF CONTRITION | Alex Lubischer | Independent Production

GATOR BAIT | Rex New | Brand New Theatre

DD REVOLUTION | Jesse McIntosh | Brand New Theatre

12 DANCING PRINCESSES | Adapted by Karen Gath McClain | Bellevue Youth Theatre


PUSS IN BOOTS | Second Story Rep

GREASE | Bellevue Youth Theatre

SINGING IN THE RAIN | Bellevue Youth Theatre Benefit

Workshops & Readings

TEEN DAD | Adrienne Dawes| Live Girls! Theater

LA ESPOSA DEL DIABLO |Tom Jacobson | Theatre 22

CAPTURED | Young Playwrights Program | ACT Theatre

PARAMETER SPACE | Jim Jewell | Infinity Box Theatre

TABLECLOTH | John C Davenport | Seattle Playwright’s Collective

PLAYWRIGHTS VS POETS @ ArtsCrush | Various | Pacific Play Company

CLOSE UP READING SERIES | Various | Pacific Play Company

REVENGE & SORROW IN THEBES | Persephone Vandegrift | Tura Lura Films

PLAYWRIGHTS VS POETS | Various | Pacific Play Company

WOMAN IN THE WALL | Daniel Tarker | Pacific Play Company

OKINAWA | Alex Lubischer | Playing in Progress

SANTA & SOPHOCLES | Michael Bontatibus | Playing in Progress

VANYA | Sam Holcroft | Independent Workshop

MACADEMIA TREE | Virginia Avenue Project

BEAUTIFUL LITTLE FOOLS | Michael Premsrirat | Brand New Theatre

Assistant Director

TITUS ANDRONICUS | Seattle Shakespeare Co | David Quicksall

ARCADIA | Seattle Public Theater | Kelly Kitchens

AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY |Balagan Theatre| Shawn Belyea

GREEDY | Karl Gajdusek | Red Dog Squadron | James Roday

ISLAND OF NEVERLAND | Stephen Fife | Edgemar Center| Stephen Fife

KING LEAR | Shakespeare | Antaeus Theatre Company | Bart DeLorenzo

A SONG AT TWILIGHT | Noel Coward | Odyssey Theatre | James Glossman

RUBY, TRAGICALLY ROTUND | Boni Alvarez | Playwrights Arena | Jon Lawrence Rivera

SPOON LAKE BLUES | Josh Tobiessen | National Playwright’s Conference | Kyle Donnelly

Awards & Affiliations

Development Director | Forward Flux Productions

Communications Manager | Seattle Public Theater

Resident Director | Bellevue Youth Theatre | 2011-2013

Social Media Manager | Red Dog Squadron

Production Coordinator | Directors Lab West | 2010-11

Directing Intern | CAROLINE OR CHANGE | Tony Kushner | Guthrie Theatre | Marcela Lorca


National Theatre Institute | Theatre Maker | O’Neill Theatre Center | 2009

Theatre, BA | University of Southern California | Degree Completed 2008

Including – Acting, Directing, Playwriting, Voice, Dance, Dialects, Solo            Performance, Performance for Camera




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