The Journey of the Bell opening this Weekend!

Opening this weekend at the Seattle Outdoor Theatre Festival! I play Ida, one of a pair of young friends who separate in hopes of finding the origin of the Bell before the other. Learning Hans Christen Anderson inspired lessons along the way. A play for the kids [adult friendly!]. There will be water balloons. JOIN US!

You Know It’s Been Busy When There’s No Time For the Internet!

I have had a whirl wind of couple of months. I don’t think that even begins to describe it. I shall try and try to keep it brief… Right after Alice in Wonderland closed, I had another amazing weekend in Steven Anderson’s Actorswork intensive. Always walking away fulfilled and with a skip in my step. IContinue reading “You Know It’s Been Busy When There’s No Time For the Internet!”

Click through to learn more about the MAKE A WISH I will be a part of creating tomorrow & Monday! I am filled with so much excited, nervous, anticipatory energy!!! Who knew anything like this was even possible. I am so lucky. Theatre is truly boundless.  Follow Investigative Reporter RACQUEL DELMAR on Twitter and Facebook for updates from insideContinue reading