As the Holiday Season approached and A Christmas Carol came to an end, I knew I wanted to do something else to celebrate the season. Theatre Style. So with the mentality of ‘book the space and you have to’ I booked a space and got to work.

One of my major passions in life as well as in my career is connecting people. Directors who need designers. Theaters who need interns. A friend who needs a new movie buddy. I love bringing groups together who probably pass each other in the streets but haven’t met.

SnowGlobed  is  an evening of holiday inspired ‘Scenes & Spectacles’ each approximately ten minutes in length individually brought together for the evening by different artists around the Puget Sound area. Some I have worked with personally. Some I have not. Each with different backgrounds & unique artistic pursuits. Which [I hope] will not only create a very eclectic evening of theatre but audience as well. It is an opportunity for us as artists to meet new collaborators as well as show each other’s audiences what new groups & theatre is out there. While also getting a little bit more holiday cheer [or drear depending on the scene…]. Hope you can come experience this One Night Only evening with us.

For more updates & information check out Playing in Progress.

SnowGlobed. DECEMBER 17th. 8pm. Theatre4. Seattle Center.

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