Singing in the Snow

Ok. Really it’s Singing in the Rain but how many ‘snowmageddons’ do we get in Seattle? Even though after living through a winter in Minnesota the two inches on the ground here is rather laughable. I know, I know Seattle! It’s the hills. It’s the ice!

But despite the snow, the ice and what will most likely all become slush by the end of the week the show must go on. Singing in the Rain is this year’s Bellevue Youth Theatre Benefit production which I am co-directing with our Artistic Director. It has been a very short intensive rehearsal process that’s really put all of us to work. I have spent a lot of time working with our four teen leads who I’ve been lucky to find very receptive and eager to be pushed and to learn more with each rehearsal. Their attitudes & excitement have made this a very rewarding process for me as both a director and teacher. I am so excited to share their performances with you.

We have three opportunities to see it.

This Saturday, January 21st, at the Westin Hotel in Downtown Bellevue, the Bellevue Youth Theatre Foundation will be hosting an evening of food, drinks & an auction hosted by local personality Pat Cashman. An abridged version of Singing in the Rain, highlighting our musical numbers, will be the capstone to this notoriously fun, theatrical evening.

Full performances of Singing in the Rain will be January 27th & 28th @ 7pm at the Bellevue Youth Theatre.

I hope you are able to attend! I am so proud of my cast and hope you get the chance to see why.

[Also. Our new Mayor Conrad Lee and Former Mayor Don Davidson are performing with us as well! I hear they’re kind of a big deal…;) You know you want to see it! ]

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