Assistant Directing Titus Andronicus.

The relationship of Lavinia & Tamora is often regarded as the Virgin & the Whore. Today, I think, this does women a disservice. They are both so much more than that. What their relationship comes down to, to me, is an extreme view of woman on woman violence. Lavinia asks Tamora to kill her rather than let her sons rape her, demanding, woman to woman, to save her from a future that she believes is worse than death. This is the most extreme situation. A woman having control over another woman’s rape. But it leads me to ask questions about how & why, women hurt other women outside of this extreme. Slut shaming comes to the forefront in these ponderings. Owning our bodies but shaming other women for owning theirs. With women having so small a speaking role in Titus Andronicus, Lavinia being literally silenced… I am continually drawn back to what these two women mean to each other, to the world they’re in, & what they have to say today. More to come.

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