SUP: Wanapum State Park | Columbia River

We beat the Memorial Day Weekend crowds to nature by going out for an overnight Wednesday/Thursday of last week. This was a straight up car camping adventure. I booked our spot at the Washington State Park Reservation site. We were lucky to get a spot that had direct beach access which was one of myContinue reading “SUP: Wanapum State Park | Columbia River”

SUP: Luther Burbank Park

As part of my quarantine discovered outdoorsy self, I got us an inflatable stand up paddle board [SUP]. It was one of those things I’d see in instagram photos and think, that could…NO. That should be me! We all think that about a lot of things on instagram I assume… that’s kind of the filtered-FOMO-everyoneislivingtheirbestlife-Continue reading “SUP: Luther Burbank Park”

Once Upon A Song at Twilight

When I was 24 years old I had the opportunity to assistant direct, Noël Coward’s A Song at Twilight, at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles. It had an incredible cast: David Rogge, Laurie O’Brien, Alley Mills, and Orson Bean. Working with the director, James Glossman, was great. Being one of those directors who actuallyContinue reading “Once Upon A Song at Twilight”

In a time such as this we need gathering places like the theatre more than ever.

You are not alone. Theatre is my home. It is my home Monday-Sunday. It is how I pay my bills. It is where I spend time with my friends. It is where I spend time with strangers. [Sometimes turned friends.] It is where I build blanket forts and tell stories with flashlights hanging from grids.Continue reading “In a time such as this we need gathering places like the theatre more than ever.”