Assistant Directing Titus Andronicus.

   The relationship of Lavinia & Tamora is often regarded as the Virgin & the Whore. Today, I think, this does women a disservice. They are both so much more than that. What their relationship comes down to, to me, is an extreme view of woman on woman violence. Lavinia asks Tamora to kill herContinue reading “Assistant Directing Titus Andronicus.”

Lady Playwrights + Lady Directors = Annex Theatre’s: Zig Zag Festival

“Women are 51% of the population, but women playwrights write less than 15% of the productions on Broadway. That won’t change overnight, but here’s a start: Six playwrights-all young, all female-collaborate on an evening of short works. Each will write one play, direct another, and provide an outside eye for a third. Add a setContinue reading “Lady Playwrights + Lady Directors = Annex Theatre’s: Zig Zag Festival”