SnowGlobed. A ReCap.

SnowGlobed. It happened. Again! For the second year, I produced my very own evening of Holiday Inspired Shorts & Spectacles. Which combines so many of my very favorite things. The Holidays. Theatre. Friends who make Theatre. Christmas Music. Directing. Acting. Decorating. Snow! Etc.

And I couldn’t have done it without like – a million people.

My incredible artists –

Daniel Tarker –> One of our playwrights who filled in for his actor who was too sick to perform that night!

Jose Amador –> Awesome Actor

Julianne Christie –> Wondrous Director

Machelle Allman –> Playwright, Director, Actor! Triple threat!

Kate Swenson –> Actor [and my former acting teacher in high school!!! Ahhh! So honored!]

Allison Schumacher –> Actor

Dan Schumacher –> Actor

Abby Carter –> One of my incredible students who wrote & directed her own piece!

Kaytlin McIntyre –> Lovely Director

Quinn Armstrong –> Playwright

Shane Regan! –> Story Maker

Michael Blaylock –> My very favorite jewish grandma!

Lisa Coronado –> Beautiful actress, who was one of the inspirations for the piece I wrote

Lisa LeVan –> The incredible artist who directed the play I wrote this year.

Amy Hill  –> Incredibly talented amazing actress who played with the Lisas in my piece

Sarah Tarvin –> Actor

Michael Mitchell –> Actor

Walter Dalton –> Actor

Luke Oliphant –> Actor

Annika Summers –> Actor [Also one of my amazing students!]

Olivia Berlin –> Actor [Also one of my fabulous students!]

Tracy Vicory-Rosenquest  –> Playwright who wrote CONCEPTION, specifically for us to play with in SnowGlobed. [I directed]

MY Amazing Actors! I was so flipping honored to work with this group of actors. Seriously some of the most crazy talented people in Seattle [if not THE WORLD.]. Thank you, ladies!! [And Curtis!] I couldn’t have asked for a better ensemble. You made my night!

Angela DiMarco
Heather Persinger
Curtis Eastwood
Trin Miller
Carollani Sandberg

And Thank You to Persephone Vandegrift for writing the hilarious [yet very nostalgic and sentimental] piece for me & and Katie to play in. Thank you to Norah Elges Schneyer for your direction and constant support [not only for our piece but in my daily life…]

Thank you to my wonderful friend Raymond Williams who generously donated our program printing!

Thank you the staff & Annex Theatre for working with me and letting us come play in your space!

Thank you to Angus Maxwell my incredible technician who whipped through teching 10 shows in about 3 hours & pulled off a technically perfect show! [He also had to put up with me all day while I ran around listening to Christmas carols & decorated Annex with snowflakes & stars…]

Thank you [again] to the very sexy Shane Regan! & delicious Mike Blaylock who helped with our 13 minute impossible strike that ended up with us in the down pouring rain in a traffic jam on Capitol Hill. You both are amazing gentlemen who I could not have done SnowGlobed without!

Thank you to my parents who are an ever constant support in my life and let me steal a lot of food & water from their house for craft services….

Thank you to the very ridiculous yet debonair, Brandon Ryan, for staying up with me the night before to bake cookies, to help me make personalized Christmas tree favors for all of the artists & for making me laugh so my stress bubble didn’t pop. Even when we ran out of As.

Thank you to the insane audience who came out to play with us. I seriously didn’t even know what to do when I saw so many friends & family who took the time to come out. And even more exciting when I didn’t know half the people who were there. Thank you. Thank you so so so much. I hope you all enjoyed the crap out of it and took away a whole ton of holiday cheer.

And my final thank you goes to the one and only Katie McClain. My acting partner. My writing partner. My dream sharer. My heart mender. My lover [wait. is that why people think we’re lesbians?].  My Amazonian Sister-Friend. Who not only played nutcrackers with me in our piece that night – but met me early at Annex and helped me decorate & tech &  prep the playground for my friends, my family & my artists to share that evening. AND stayed for the 13 minute impossible strike that ended up with us in the down pouring rain in a traffic jam on Capitol Hill. I truly could not have done it without you, Katie!!! THANK YOU.

Thank you, everyone. Thank you for playing with me. My heart is so happy remembering that night. Words are useless to describe my gratitude but I thought I would at least try. Nothing makes me happier than doing this. Than offering myself, my imagination & my creations to you, except maybe giving friends, family & strangers the chance to do the same.

Thank you, Seattle.

SnowGlobed can’t wait until next year…

SnowGlobed. 2.0

SnowGlobed. 2.0

My Holiday Present & Party to my friends, family, artistic community & lets be real, to myself is happening. AGAIN.

An Evening of Holiday Inspired Shorts & Spectacles

December 21, 2012
Annex Theatre.
7:30 House. 8pm Showtime.
Spend the End of the World With Us.

So many incredible people involved… You don’t want to miss it.

Artists Include [But Not Limited To!]:
Daniel Tarker
Rachel Delmar
Katharine McClain
Norah Elges Schneyer
Persephone Vandegrift
Julianne Christie
Machelle Allman
Kate Swenson
Allison Schumacher
Tracy Vicory-Rosenquest
Abby Carter
Kaytlin McIntyre
Shane Regan!
Michael Blaylock
Lisa Coronado
Lisa LeVan
Amy Hill
Sarah Tarvin
Michael Mitchell
Walter Dalton
Luke Oliphant
Annika Summers
Olivia Berlin
Angela DiMarco
Heather Persinger
Curtis Eastwood
Trin Miller
Carollani Sandberg
Maggie Hartle

Much Love & Holiday Cheer to be Had by All. See you soon.

For tickets go to –>

For the Facebook Event click the photo above!

You Know It’s Been Busy When There’s No Time For the Internet!

I have had a whirl wind of couple of months. I don’t think that even begins to describe it. I shall try and try to keep it brief…

Right after Alice in Wonderland closed, I had another amazing weekend in Steven Anderson’s Actorswork intensive. Always walking away fulfilled and with a skip in my step.

I adapted the short story, The NUTCRACKER, into a play for the Bellevue Youth Theatre entitled – CLARA & THE NUTCRACKER, which opens at the end of November.

And just when I thought I would have a weekend to recuperate from my summer of 140 kids and my adventure down the rabbit hole I was invited to participate in 14/48 – The World’s Quickest Theatre Festival. And if you are a theatre artist in Seattle this is not an opportunity to which you respond with anything but an exuberent F YEAH. This experience [9/7-8] was one of the most incredible fulfilling artistic experiences of my life. I could write for days about it and still not have the words to explain what it meant to me to be a part of it.

I [somehow] went into rehearsals the following day [9/9] for the OWL & THE PUSSYCAT with theater simple. A few [literally] quick and dirty rehearsals and I made my debut as the PIG at the reboot of the Seattle Fringe Festival. Fun. Fabulous. Always a pleasure to play with theater simple & their unyielding creativity, support & love.

I started rehearsals for CLARA & THE NUTCRACKER at BYT and have had such a fun time discovering this story with my kids. They are some of the most imaginative, talented kids I have ever worked with and I am getting so excited for all of our theatre magic to show up during tech week! I hope you get the chance to see it too.

I got to play again with the Pacific Play Company. We put together another night of Playwrights vs Poets. This time for Seattle’s ART CRUSH. Another quick & dirty chance to play and work with some of Seattle’s finest writers & actors.

Balagan Theatre is producing one of my favorite plays, AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY. And I am lucky enough to have been given the chance to Assistant Direct it this spring. We are in auditions now & it continues to amaze me the level of talent that exists here. I am so happy & excited to be here working, creating, collaborating & playing with this community.

I had another Actorswork weekend with Steven Anderson this past weekend and as I said walked away as fulfilled as ever, if not more so. I had one of the most incredible acting experiences of my life during my scene. It truly makes me realize what consistent training and dedication to one’s craft can do. I’m in this for the long haul, friends.

And FINALLY. I think finally, anyway. I was offered the opportunity to direct PUSS IN BOOTS [a new musical] at Second Story Rep. We have auditions this Sunday! Come. It is going to be a fun one. Promise.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but this looks like [way more than] enough of an update for one day.

Let me just say as a final thought – you never know what is going to happen today. My life these last two months has been picked up, flipped around, upside down, juggled and I didn’t see a second of it coming. I am so happy to be in this moment. Wait for it, Seattle. I’m going to write you a love letter. [Thank you.]

Alice is About to Adventure in Wonderland!

My Alice in Wonderland Cast! [One of Two anyway…] So proud of all these actors! Can’t wait to share it with you. Cast A opens tomorrow Thursday August 9th @ 7pm and performs Saturday August 11th @ 2pm & 7pm. Cast B [pictured above] opens Friday August 10th @ 7pm and performs Sunday August 12th @ 2pm & 7pm.

Come by and take a trip through Wonderland. It won’t disappoint!

Click HERE for more details. [Appropriate for All Ages.]

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

July 4th already and my Seattle summer is underway – whether the sun comes out to play or not.

I have a few different projects going on and one film already in the can but my biggest project this summer is directing TWO casts of Alice in Wonderland at the Bellevue Youth Theatre. We had a HUGE amount of kids & teens come out to audition which leaves me with a whopping 70 kids per cast. Luckily I had the privilege of adapting the show myself so I was able to control the number of characters. And yes. Every single one has their own character. And it should make for a very high paced, energy packed performances. Hope you’re able to come see what we create!

August 9 – 12, 2012. Theatre @ Meydenbauer.

The Golden Age

On Friday, June 1, 2012 @ 7:00 PM

The Bellevue Youth Theatre Glee Club will be performing a musical review of the Golden Age of Broadway. I’ve helped to [choreo]block a few numbers and may be appearing in a few myself. ;]

Come on out to this FREE evening of musical theatre fun.

Bellevue Youth Theater – 16661 Northup Way  -Bellevue, WA 98008

(425) 452-7155


BUNKER – An Update

I am extremely excited to announce that BUNKER, the film I was a part of this past November, has been accepted in to the Seattle International Film Festival! It will have its World Premiere May 28, 2012 as part of this year’s festival. I am so proud & excited that this Washington based cast & crew will get the chance to premiere at this amazing festival in our very own community.

And that’s not all! We have also been accepted into the deadCENTER Film Festival in Oklahoma City [June 6-10]! I am new to this whole film festival business so I don’t know much what it means for me or my future [or current] career. But I’ll tell you this. IT FEELS AWESOME. And I’m just excited that so many people will get the chance to see the film into which we [especially our phenomenal director Kim Voynar] put so much of our time, thoughts, & heart.

Happy doesn’t begin to cut it.